Relentlessly Pursuing Excellence


Our Curriculum is designed / fashioned out in such a way that we achieve academic excellence and moral/behavioral development of our pupils- the values that they live out daily to the pride and admiration of all who come in contact with them.
Our curriculum is driven by qualified, carefully selected and dedicated teachers. We are committed to the welfare and development of our students and employ a variety of methods in order to ensure that no child is left out.

Edufort International School uses both the British and Nigeria curriculum. These approaches create a set of pattern in the learning capabilities of early childhood. Emphasis is laid on the ability to work from concrete to abstract and from simple to complex.

We offer the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum with excellent links with the Nigerian Curriculum using Montessori principles and resources.
Our curriculum is divided into three parts:

The early years’ foundation is the period of education from birth to five years.
During the reception class, the children work towards the early learning goals.
Most children are expected to achieve the early learning goals by the end of the foundation stage. There is a strong emphasis on learning through play, both child-initiated and planned play.
The Curriculum is divided into six areas of learning:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Mathematical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

This comprises the first two years of primary education.
The following subjects are offered in key stage 1:

  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Science
  • Critical Thinking
  • Geography
  • PSHE
  • ICT
  • Music
  • French
  • Religious Knowledge
  • Art & Design
  • Handwriting

This is the second and last stage of primary years. Children are expected to go through to the final class which is year 6 (optional). At the end of the Year 5 or 6 (optional), children will apply to secondary schools of their choice and sit for their entrance examinations.
In this section, the emphasis is basically laid on individual child capability. Our focus is to build a strong structure based on whole child foundation that will help the child cope with the outside world in the future.
Our students are the key participants in the learning process and as such our curriculum, therefore, has the following features;

  • Integration of ICT in the curriculum
  • Emphasis on extra-curricular activities
  • Learning support activities
  • Monitoring and Assessment

The outcomes of these are students who are confident, cultured, and committed to learning and service with;

  • Logical reasoning skills
  • Strong technology skills
  • Interpersonal and collaborative skills
  • Positive, self-esteem and integrity.


We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.