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Requests must be made in writing and a period of at least 24 hours response time must be given. However, parents may notify at short notice in the case of emergencies or unforeseen events.

School resumes at 7:30 am prompt for both Nursery and Primary pupils.
Pupils will not be allowed into school till 7:00 O’clock each morning and the school gate is shut to latecomers at 8:25 am.
School closes each day at 1:00 pm for Nursery. The Primary school closes at 2:10 pm (Mondays – Thursdays) and 2:30 pm (Fridays Only). If you need to pick up your child during the school day, you must sign him/her out in the office. It is important children are collected early at the end of the school day. A no exception late fine policy of =N=2,500 per child is enforced for late pickups.

Children in the Nursery are allowed to come to school with a small blanket for resting during the break. This blanket should be very portable in size, it will be left in the class for the week, and taken home on Friday for washing to maintain freshness.
Pupils must maintain regular and prompt attendance in school to ensure academic and social success. If they arrive late, they miss out on learning activities that begin right from morning assembly. Consistent morning routines are imperative to building a child’s sense of independence, balance and confidence.

When pupils regard school attendance as a priority they may begin to regard their academics seriously.

Pupils are to be in their school uniforms, white socks and black school shoes (covered at the toes and heels).
Children are expected, at ALL times, to have well groomed hair. Girls are not well-groomedse hair extensions. Their natural hair must be neatly braided always. The use of beads also must not be excessive
Recommended uniforms for your child/children can be purchased from the school shop, Including P.E. uniforms and cardigans. Only School uniforms and cardigans are allowed.

Dress codes:
Mondays : (school uniform)
Tuesdays : (school uniform)
Wednesdays: (P.E uniform)
Last Fridays are mufti days

It is important that children have breakfast before coming to school so that they are prepared for the day. They may bring a drink and wholesome snacks for break time.

We encourage the habit of eating a fruit a day. This can be packed in the child’s lunch bag.
Sometimes, pupils will have an extended school day for clubs and extra-curricular activities or extra lessons and due to this, would often become worn out and hungry near the end of the day. Please provide adequate healthy snacks for the day, including water.

Please note that oily foods are not allowed in the school, i.e. foods that have the tendency of leaking or dripping oil and leaving oil stains on children’s books and in their bags.
Each child, from Nursery through to Primary, is expected to come to school with a clean napkin/placement mat in his/her lunch bag every day.
Please make sure to label all water bottles, lunch bags and clothing.

Birthdays are special occasions for young children and we seek an equal platform for the celebration of this in school. Birthdays, therefore, are celebrated on Fridays with ONLY birthday cakes and packet drinks. Party packs are not allowed. The birthday celebrant may however donate books to the school and /or library. Parents are to fill out forms notifying the school before time. A maximum of 3 persons (visitors) are allowed at the given time for celebration.
The child is allowed to come dressed in party outfit for the day.

External birthday invitation: (Party Outside the school) Please do not send birthday party invitations to school unless the entire class has been invited. This is because it might hurt the feelings of those not invited.

Pupils are not allowed to bring toys, phones or electronic devices to school except it is required by the teacher for a specific purpose. If so, this will be communicated by the teacher/school via a written notice or phone call.

At the beginning of each term, payment tellers of the school fees must be presented to the school accountant on or before the first day of resumption. Children will not be allowed into school / class otherwise. This is to enable us have a smooth running of the term, we plead for parents support and cooperation to avoid any form of embarrassment.

The children will be provided book supplies needed for the entire year and some stationery supply. However if supplies are damaged or lost, then it is up to parents to replace the item(s). Every child is meant to pay 50% of her educational resource fees alongside Third term fees, this is to help us purchase materials and books ahead of time , and better plan class placements.

We operate an open door policy , the school management team is always available to discuss with parents at the shortest notice. We encourage parents to kindly channel all their concerns to the School Coordinator or the Head Teacher.

Throughout the school year, parents are welcome to email/phone or visit the school when there are questions or concerns about a pupil’s progress. Please be assured that teachers will respond diligently but not during instructional time. They will however be able to respond after instructional hours (after school hours). Matters that need urgent attention should be directed to the Head Teacher or School Coordinator.

Parent-teacher relationships are necessary for maximum school success. Throughout the year, teachers will communicate with parents through communication diaries, notes, telephone calls from the admin unit, emails, report cards, parent-teacher conferences and Open Days.

During the school year there will be a variety of special classroom and school activities and celebrations. I encourage you to attend these functions when possible. Your support of school activities makes your child feel important and sends the message that you value school.


We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.